boys who moan during sex make it 500% better

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'I told him that he should go out on Halloween and try to figure out which monsters are real, and which ones are not.'

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“In her head, she can’t see why he wants to be with her - he should be with a skinnier girl or a prettier one. And this poor boy has no idea what’s going on: he just loves her and wants to be with her.”- Sharon

Every girl I know thinks this.

I know I do

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The stunningly beautiful Nkwichi Lodge is located in the Manda Wilderness Conservation Area on the shore of Lake Niassa, the 9th largest lake in the world. The lake features crystal clear water which is home to a greater variety of indigenous fish species than any other lake. With 8 secluded beaches, Nkwichi is the perfect setting to discover a lost world; a fresh-water oasis and an Africa untouched.

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"I think the hardest part about writing… Is writing."

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